10 Shopping Tips For Bargain Hunters

10 Shopping Tips For Bargain Hunters

Everyone enjoys shopping. Since shopping involves expenditure, it is essential to find good deals for products. So whether you are shopping for food, clothes, gifts, cleaning supplies and any other product, you need to bargain shop so that you reduce the amount of money you spend on a particular product. Bargain shopping is so exciting, but can be stressful. Here are some useful tips for bargain hunters that can help you save lots of money.

Tip #1: Do research on stores

Get a local magazine or newspaper that lists local second-hand stores, antique malls, outlet malls, garage, moving, thrift shops, estate sales, flea markets and bookshops. You can also search for this information online.

Bargain Shopping Tips

Bargain Shopping Tips


Tip #2: Check many stores

Go to many different stores before choose a given store. Don’t just settle for the first deal that comes your way. Although you may get really good deals at the first stores you visit, you have to go through a lot to get the best deals.

Tip #3: Shop online

If you want to buy items such as clothing and accessories, look for them online first before you go the local mall. Sites, like Overstock and eBay, often offer the same items for a lot less.

Tip #4: Purchase store brands

When you want to buy groceries, cleaning products, paper goods and beauty items, it is advisable to go for the store brand as they often cost less. Check store ads and circulars that come with your newspaper or in the mail.

Tip #5: Compare store prices

There are websites that can help you compare store prices. Use them to find stores that offer the same item at a lower rate. Popular sites include, and

Tip #6: Get coupons

Retailers often provide discount coupons for a wide range of consumer goods, including clothing, groceries, automotive items and beauty items. Look for coupons in newspapers and magazines. Save the coupons available when you checkout at drugstores, grocery stores and other retailers. Check on the internet for printable coupons. Popular sites include,, and

Tip #7: Look for discounts and deals in-store

Try different brands of a product if it is being promoted for less. This will enable you to save a considerable amount of money.

Tip #8: Do research on pricing

When you are shopping for a given item, do research about its price by asking your friends, family members and colleagues who have bought the same product.

Tip #9: Bargain prices

Once you have found the item you want, try to get the price down. Always offer half. This will bring the price around what you are willing to pay after the bargaining process is over. Most of these stores do not have a set price.

Tip #10: Pay in cash only

Small stores often like customers paying cash. So, you can try to reach a good deal by making payment in cash only, rather than using your debit or credit card.

The next time you want to go shopping, try out these simple tips to get the best deal for what want to buy. The tips will work and you will end up saving significant amount of money with little effort.


February 27, 2015

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