Best Shopping Places in Europe: Discover the Best Value for Shoppers while in Europe

Best Shopping Places in Europe: Discover the Best Value for Shoppers while in Europe

Everyone dreams of going shopping in Europe, but many are not conversant with Europe and do not know where and when it is convenient to shop. Discover the solution to your concerns. Here is a selection of the top shopping centers, you should not miss while in Europe.

Whether you want a skirt from Paris, a warm coat from London or a boutique dress from Milan, discover the “temples of shopping” in Europe.

London, United Kingdom

One of the World’s greatest shopping cities. From Big names store lines such as Regent, Oxford and Bond streets to Luxury items abound in the upmarket. For unforgettable London spree visits, the Camden market for vintage and “hippie” items. Numerous shopping hubs exist to keep you occupied.

Departmental stores such as the Harrods, Fortnum and Mason have designer and luxury clothing and items for sale. London city offers reveler amazing discounts during the Christmas period, so it’s one of the best times to visit this charming England city.

Paris de France

The world’s capital of Haute Couture, Paris is every shopper’s dream. It offers legendary addresses such as Rue du Faubourg, Avenue Montaigne and many more. At the city’s hem sits the ancient flea markets that have a chaotic ambiance and fascinating treasures.

Paris insanely tempts everyone to shop while sight-seeing. The fashion sense in this town is tops. Galleries Lafayette offers designer brands and not forgetting the famous Marks and Spencer.

Barcelona, Spain

Shopping in Europe cannot complete without a tour of Spain. The Catalunyan capital of “Barca” is a must visit. Here designer names jostle your attention with an array of stores. You cannot miss visiting the markets, trot La Boqueria is ideal for stocking up on cherries, almonds and other tasty delights for a picnic shopping.

Rome, Italy

This vivacious city is one of the charming shopping places. Retail chains line up the medieval shopping streets of Italy. The street markets are laden with fresh juicy fruits. You cannot afford to miss shopping at the upscale fashion palaces poised at the foot of the famous Spanish steps showcasing looks of the world’s catwalks.

Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Milan is another high capital in Italy. It is one of the Europe’s premier shopping destinations. Here it is home to the sleek and known fashion temples of Versace, Armani and Dolce& Gabbana. The designs rank nothing short of Splendor, ostentation and glamor.

Zurich, Switzerland

Shopping enthusiasts will love this city. Elegant Bahnhofstrasse is one of Europe’s most fascinating streets. Zurich is home to impressive department stores. Here you will enjoy shopping for jewelry and shoes. While at it, do not miss the underground Splenda Palooza at shop vile.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the best shopping places in Europe. Sales happen during winter and summer. Major shopping hubs include; Berlin’s Friedrichstrabe, Alexanderplatz, Hackischer market and many more.

Department stores such as the mall of Berlin, Alexa shopping center are among Europe’s main shopping places.

Vienna, Austria

Art lovers will fall in love with Vienna. Traditional crafts such as wrought iron, painted porcelain, and ceramics are some of the Viennese classics. Most stores are in the city center; the most elegant shopping venue is Mariahilferstrasse a place for purchasing accessories, jewelry, and fashions.

If you intend to visit Europe, make an effort and visit the mentioned shopping places and sample the best shopping in Europe. Most places have Christmas offers, so the holidays are a great way of shopping and obtaining offers and huge discounts.

April 15, 2015

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